Salutifer is a cosmetics manufacturing company that produces natural anti-aging skin care products for european and north american markets.
Our product line consists in a variety of creams, gels, sprays and lotions that contain certified organic plant extracts, as well as pure minerals in the form of nanoparticles, which have very special properties due to the large interaction surface (1 gram of nano silver has an active surface of about 20 square meters).
Certain plant extracts form synergies with some nano minerals. That is, for example: plant effect = 3, mineral effect = 5, mixture effect = 14 (as opposed to 8)
Airless packaging on the products allows us to avoid adding chemicals for preservation.

What does Salutifer mean?

Salutifer means healer, one that brings wellbeing and health.  The concept was born from the desire to bring to light a little researched area of ‚Äč‚Äčtherapeutics. If tradition provides us with herbal remedies, we seek to give them a new value, by potentiating them with pure elemental minerals. In the interdisciplinary space on the border between medicine, medicinal plant science, cosmetology, physics and chemistry, we permanently discover synergistic effects of plant extracts with gold, silver, magnesium, zinc, copper or silicon. Synergies for the benefit of human health.

We use in the production processes, depending on the specifics of the respective mineral, either the ColloidMaster technology patented in Germany, or our own technology, patented by us in Romania.

Our efforts are driven by innovation and the effort of continuous improvement. Combining knowledge from several scientific branches, we place in the matrix of each Salutifer product elements that give it a completely distinct identity.

Born of the good God in the deep layers of the earth, gold, silver, and copper were once used only in ornaments or carvings. In our times, we make new remedies for healing the body and the mind out of them and the old weed remedies.

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