Complex Silver Gel for Hand Care


Complex Silver Gel for Hand Care

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Complex Silver Gel for Hand Care is a product that leaves an extremely pleasant sensation of perfectly clean hands. Applied to wounds, it has a calming effect, strongly accelerates healing and creates a protective film.

pH: ~ 6.5–7.0
Total weight: 200g


The product is intended for maintaining clean hands where water and soap are not available, as well as sanitizing hands in schools and other crowded spaces, cashier workers, beauty salons, etc.

How to use/Administration

Apply and spread on the hands, massaging to promote adhesion to the skin. On the damaged skin areas, spread a thin layer and cover with a sterile bandage.

Storage conditions

In the original container, preferably in a place not exposed to direct sunlight, cool (but not in the refrigerator).


Eucalyptus oil, high purity water, silver particles and ions – 99.99% purity, alum, xanthan gum

Contains 92% pure nanometric silver in dispersion, concentration 50 ppm


Do not use if you are sensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients.


Before using this product, apply a small amount of gel to the skin in a thin layer and observe the reaction.

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